Radomsko is a town which occupies nearly 52 square kilometers in the south part of Lodz voivodeship which is also adjacent to three others: Lesser Poland, Greater Poland and Silesian voivodeships.The town is nested among picturesque highlands and abundant forestial terrains with perennial river Radomka.
As the 2nd January 2014 official record states, the amount of inhabitants living in Radomsko was 47 266. This makes it as the eight largest city in terms of population and third one of total area in the Lodz voivodeship. It functions as an administrative and economic heart of Radomsko County.
It is an education and culture centre as well.Its convenient geographical location and well expanded infrastructure enables quick communication with other cities in Poland and Europe. In addition to that, the neighbourhood of the biggest agglomerations is perfect for entrepreneurship in the centre of Poland.